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Your Own Personal Driver Business


> Exploding Demand

> Full or Part Time

> Low Investment

> Make a Positive Difference

> Proven Turnkey System 

What is a Personal Driver Business?

Customers hire YOU to drive THEM in THEIR car. The demand and the uses are endless and include…Nights Out, Airport, Senior Transportation, Medical Appointments, Business Executives, Special Events…and many more. One of the things that makes this business so simple is…All these countless USES fit neatly into just 5 basic categories of SERVICES.

Learn more about the 5 Services…

Personal Driver
Driver Owned
Double Driver Pick-up

The 5 Big Benefits of Owning
a Personal Driver Business

Take a minute to Look at the list of the 5 Big Reasons and the Video…then if you want to find out HOW
it’s possible to achieve ALL 5 of these benefits, just click on the “The DP System” at the top of the page.

Growth-image-with-money-300x2691. You Control Your Income

With demand for personal driving services exploding combined with the Driver Please Proven Marketing System you can increase the flow of new business coming in as fast as you can recruit new drivers. Having control over your business means You Control Your Income because the profit margin is simply scaleable.  This works perfectly if you want to:

  • Work part time to top up your existing income
  • Work full time for a year or two to build your business then be
  • Build a Mini-Empire that you can pass on as a family business Insert space

2. Make a Positive Difference

IMG_7131-500x333If you are driving the customer yourself or you have assigned the trip to one of your well trained drivers, one of the greatest things is the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are making a positive difference in your community.

There is a certain kind of “Good Pride” that comes from earning the respect of the people in your local area because of the good work that you do.  Being able to provide the consistently high level of service that earns you this respect comes from implementing the proven Operations System that you will be given.



3. Love What You Do

do-what-you-love-448x500Mark Twain once said “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation” What he meant is that you should make sure your occupation is something that you enjoy doing every day.  When you LOVE WHAT YOU DO, every day of your life is a vacation and looking forward to the weekend becomes a distant memory because now you look forward to every day.



4. Simple & Easy to Do

easy-hard-way-400x328It’s Simple & Easy to do for one reason…SYSTEMS.

For example, one of the things that we hear from many people before they become a Business Owner is…”in every job there are some things you like and some you don’t like, accounting and paperwork.”

When you have a complete Website, Online Reservation System and Finance & Legal Systems the system does it for you. Without these Systems this business can be time consuming and dificult to make a consistent profit). With the Systems that we will give you, it’s a breeze. nsert spac


5. You Control Your Time

MON170092You should enjoy your work life…enjoy your home life… enjoy every aspect of your life.  To do this you have to take back control of your time and spend it doing a variety of things you love…Travel…Hobbies…Time with Family & Friends, balanced with work you love.  Because this is a recurring revenue business, once you get your first group of customers it continues to grow and generate income with very little effort.



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